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Industrial Water Treatment System RO Water Purification System reverse osmosis SystemIndustrial Water Treatment System RO Water Purification System reverse osmosis System

Brief Introduction

With advanced RO water treatment technology as basis, Xuecheng Industrial series(ultra)pure water systems use HYDECANME or DOW reverse osmosis membrane element imported from USA, with optimized process design and machine structure design, followed with precise flux, pressure and water quality online monitor and perfect SCM electric control system, can meet the pure water requirements for manufacturing use in foods, medicine, chemical, electronics, machinery and the like, meanwhile is the essential pretreatment system for the industries above if produce ultrapure water.


Xuecheng RO systems, uses tap water as raw water, after treated by pretreatment system including multi-media filter, activated carbon adsorption, resin softening (or adding scale inhibitor), then entering into RO membrane, filtering all particle, bacteria and organics(molecular weight >300Dalton, including pyrogen) and over 99% ionic substance, then produce pure water.



1. The systems are marked with US hydecanme RO membrane and American Fleck multi-way valve, DOW reverse osmosis membrane or the USA Autotrol multi-way valve can be also configured according to customers’ requirements.

2 If users need machine to produce more water, Please contact us

3 If users need ultrapure water machine, you can allocate ion-exchange demineralization or EDI equipment on basis of RO pure water system, as for concrete progress, please contact with our technology department.



1. System management is simple and convenient: it only needs one main engine to make water, that can supply numerous terminals at the same time, so the pure water system can be centrally managed.


2. System Investment and operation cost reduces: when there are many terminal points, The adoption of central ultrapure water system will reduce system investment and operation cost.


3. Remote automatic control mode, meeting the modern laboratory buildings’ requirements, PLC, touch screen, video monitoring technology combined with remote control mode, the control of the water-making system can be carried out in an elegant office far away from the machine room, while no needs special human to operate it in water-making room, and can be connected with external matching printer to record the change of water quality in real time, so as to analyze the relationship between the test water quality and the test result data.


4. The system floor area is reduced, meeting the needs of modern laboratory building decoration.


5. The adoption of centralized water-making main engine, so there no needs to install water purification machine and water tank in laboratory, which can save the system floor area in laboratory, conforms to the modern laboratory building decoration demand.


Products Series

Pure Water(RO) System, Ultrapure Water System, Medical Water Treatment System, Drinking Water Purification System, Animal Drinking Water Treatment System.

Water treatment systems with 125L/h, 250L/h, 500L/h, 750L/h to 100m3/h or more can be customized for you, we want to be the real provider for high-end water treatment solutions with professional skills and special design to meet users’ different requirements for water.

Industrial Water Treatment System RO Water Purification System reverse osmosis System

Applicable Industries

Laboratory: chemical analysis, fluorimetric analysis, testing analysis, gene research, biological experiment, tissue culture and the like.

Pharmaceutical Industry: medical infusion, injection preparation, potion, water for biochemical products, medical sterile water and artificial kidney dialysis water.

Chemical Industry: chemical reaction cooling, chemical reagent, Chemical fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing progress water.

Electronics Industry: semiconductor, LCD, computer hard disk, printed circuit board, integrated circuit board, imaging tube manufacturing, etc

Power Industry: thermal power, thermal power boiler, medium and low pressure boiler power feed system.

Electroplating Coating Industry: automobile, home appliances, building materials and other products surface coating, coated glass and storage battery,etc

Drinks Industry: mineral water, pure Water, packaging drinking water, juice concentrate, alcohol production, pure water beer filtration, etc.

We may provide the detailed project proposal, the content is as follows:

* Project analysis: Raw water quality analysis, construction requested analysis;

* Standards of drinking water;  

* The solutions of ultrapure water: Instructions of ultrapure water process, detailed flow chart;

* Construction solutions;

* Equipment technical parameters;

* Equipment layout and technical parameters;

* Equipment quotation

* Mode of payment

* Annual consumables schedule 

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