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UF System Ultrafiltration Water Purification System System Ulltrafilter Water Treatment System

The Principle of Ultrafiltration Membrane filtration

Ultrafiltration is one screening process using membrane separation technology, driven by the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane, with ultrafiltration membrane as the filter medium, under certain pressure, when the original fluid flow through the membrane surface, ultrafiltration membrane surface with many tiny pores allow only water and small molecules to pass and become permeated fluid, while the substances in original fluid whose volume is greater than the membrane surface micro aperture, will be trapped in the membrane liquid inlet side, become concentrated liquid, thus achieving the purpose of purification, separation and concentration of original liquid   .


There are about 6 billion 0.01 micron pores on the ultrafiltration membrane fiber tube wall (per meter)

Its aperture allows only water molecules, the beneficial minerals and trace elements in the water to pass, while the volume of min bacteria is above 0.02 microns,so the bacteria and the things(colloids, iron rust, suspended matter, sediment and macromolecular organics, etc) with volume greater than bacteria can be trapped by the ultrafiltration membrane, thus realizing the purification process.


1. Water making process of ultrafiltration membrane

Tap water enter into membrane tube firstly, under the action of pressure difference, numerous 0.01 micron micropores on the membrane surface allow only water molecules, beneficial minerals and trace elements to go through and become purified water. While bacteria, rust, colloids, silt, suspended matter, macromolecular organics and other harmful substances are trapped in the ultrafiltration membrane pipe, and discharged when the ultrafiltration membrane is flushed.


2. Ultrafiltration membrane flushing process

Ultrafiltration membrane used after period of time, the trapped harmful substances such as  bacteria, rust, colloid, suspended solids, macromolecular organics will be dependent on the inner surface of the ultrafiltration membrane, making uf membrane water production gradually decrease, ,

especially when the tap water quality is seriously polluted, more easily causes the blockage of the uf membrane regular flushing of the uf membrane can effectively recover the water production of the membrane.


Characteristics (UF membrane separation technology)

1) the ultrafiltration process has no interphase change and can be separated at room temperature and low pressure, so the energy consumption is low, about 1/2 ~ 1/5 of that of evaporation and freezing.

2) the equipment is small in size and simple in structure, so the investment cost is low and it is easy to implement.

3) the ultrafiltration separation process is only a simple pressurized transportation of liquid, the process is simple and easy to operate and manage.

4) The solution does not change in quality during separation and concentration, so it is suitable for flavor preservation and heat sensitive solution treatment.  

5) It is suitable for the recovery of small amount of valuable macromolecular substances and low concentrated macromolecular substances from dilute solution.

6) It can separate substances with different molecular weight.  

7) Ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of homogeneous continuous body made of high molecular polymer, which can keep the treated solution pure without any impurities falling off during use.


It can be seen from the above separation characteristics that ultrafiltration is widely used, but in the end, it is mainly used for purification, separation and concentration of solutions.


UF Application:

Ultrafiltration technology has been widely used in food, beverage, mineral water, pharmaceutical industry, medical treatment, bioengineering, electronics, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries.

We may provide the detailed project proposal, the content is as follows:

* Project analysis: Raw water quality analysis, construction requested analysis;

* Standards of drinking water;  

* The solutions of ultrapure water: Instructions of ultrapure water process, detailed flow chart;

*Construction solutions;

* Equipment technical parameters;

*System layout and technical parameters;

*Equipment quotation

* Mode of payment

* Annual consumables schedule 

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