Product Description

Economic Series Laboratory Water Purification System


  • Automatic microcomputer control system, multi menu type operation.
  • backlit LCD screen(resolution: 128*64, size: 66*33mm), whole course real-time animation working mode display.
  • Online 1 way water quality monitoring, real time monitor RO or UP (resistivity) water quality state.
  • Perfect consumables managing function: the lifetime for pretreatment, RO, UC lamp and purified column(ion exchange resin) can be set. Display consumables’ lifetime expiration automatic reminder, avoiding water quality reducing.
  • Full system maintenance and alarm: water shortage/ full alarm, raw water, RO membrane, UP water alarm, consumable lifetime alarm.
  • Humanized manual automatic water intaking mode and timing water intaking (1-99 min).
  • System time set function (year, month, day, hour, min)
  • matched with password protection, in order to prevent unauthorized changes.
  • The system is matched with one 12L pressure water tank, can be built-in(optional) use, installation and maintenance is convenient
  • Compatible with 2 modes: pressure tank and liquid level water tank, can be added with external large volume water tank, meeting different customers’ requirements.
  • Integrative ABS plastic housing, ergonomic design, water- electricity separate structure.
  • Using modular independent structure including pretreatment, RO, purified column, system maintenance and filter elements change is more convenient, conforms to GLP standards.
  • All accessories including pure water pipeline use DOW brand, joints are NSC approved.
  • RO membrane components technology design, use US DOW original imported membrane, achieving RO membrane’s lifetime extension and producing water quality improvement.
  • Unique removable integrative 6-column ultrapurified column modular, use US DOW original nuclear ion grade resin, ensure top water quality at any time.
  • Optional: record management and USB data exported into excel, can provide full data read.
  • Dual wavelength (185/254nm) ultraviolet lamp (imported), effectively sterilizing, reducing TOC, strengthening the system’s application.
  • Ultrafiltration components (original imported), effectively remove pyrogen(endotoxin), can be applied to precise cell culture, etc
  • Optional: (0.45+0.1um)imported PES composite filter membrane terminal sterilizing filter, ensuring water quality sterile.
  • Optional: independent water intake handle, easy to use, avoiding frequent water intake, more convenient, ensuring the water quality.


Working Principles

Technical Parameters

Product Name Basic Analytical Type Standard Reagent Type
Producing Water Quality  Type 2 lab water Type 1 lab water
Product Model XE(05-30)01/02FX XE(05-30)01/02UP


Working Conditions

Feed water: municipal tap water≤260ppm, Pressure/Temperature: 0.10Mpa-0.5Mpa, 5-40℃

(feed water TDS>260ppm better equipped with water softener)



Resistivity(MΩ.cm) ≥2-10 ≥15-18.2
TOC(ppb) -- ≤10
Endotoxin(EU/ml) -- --
Particle(0.22μm) <0.1ppb <0.01ppb
Bacteria (CFU/ml) -- ≤1
Heavy Metal Ion <0.1ppb <0.01ppb
Organics removal rate >99%, when MW>200 dal
Water Flow Rate(L/min) 1-2
Water Production(L/H) 5-30L
Soluble Silicon(Sio, mg/L) <0.02 <0.01
Abs(254nm1cmoptical path) <0.01 <0.001
Size(mm) 300*460*520 (LxWxH)
Weight(kg) 20




feed water for ultrapure water system, for glassware cleaning, microbiological analysis, sample dilution and reagent preparation.

general chemistry and qualitative analysis, water analysis and general HPLC, spectroscopic measurement, buffer and media preparation.

water supply for the instruments like high pressure steam sterilizer, cleaning machine, automatic biochemical analyzer, immune analyzer,temperature and humidity chamber, Salt Spray test chamber, aging apparatus, humidifier, etc

Model Explanation:

X means brand: XUECHENG, E means economic series.

FX means basic analytical type, UP means standard reagent type.

(5-30) means production 5/10/15/20/25/30 L/hour.

01 means single stage RO treatment, 02 means double stage RO treatment.



1. The water production and recovery rate of RO system under condition of water temperature 25℃, raw water pressure 0.15Mpa.

2. The index is adjustable, pls obey to technician’s professional guide to choose the proper recovery rate.

3. We can’t guarantee the index under condition of very few special raw water, pls consult the technician for details.

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